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so, how does this thing work?
Links are arranged by fandom and then by date (newest at the top).
There’s often more information about a fic on the page where it is located.
Many links are to old livejournals of mine [ profile] ymela & [ profile] ijustwishiwere

degausser (take apart your head)
Car crashes and rifts in the space-time continuum. Doppelgängers and other worlds. The storm is coming.
Brian/Brian + Brian/Jesse | NC-17 | 3800 words

rinse and repeat
Touring never was easy - but, really, neither was life.
John/Adam (mentions of Jesse/John and Adam/Michelle) | PG-13 | 2200 words

Five things which happened in churches and a few which didn't. / A history of a relationship over many years.
Jesse/John | PG-13 | 1400 words

Nine to Five
Jesse gives up being in bands to pursue a more stable career, leaving his old life and friends behind. His new life is going just fine until an old friend shows up at his housewarming party causing Jesse to reevaluate what it is he really wants. (AU, multichapter, incomplete.)
ground zero | square one
Jesse/John | R (eventually)

graduation / the beginning of the rest of our lives
Jesse and John graduate high school and begin the vacation which will become the rest of their lives.
Jesse/John | PG-13 | 2050 words

Harlequin - in both sense / Brian Lane is a medium.
"Brian has a secret—he's a medium, dedicated to helping spirits cross to the other side. Unfortunately, he's been so busy, he hasn't taken care of his own earthly needs. And it's been a long, long time. So when he meets recently deceased-but oh-so-sexy-Jesse Lacey, he's more than ready for a fling. Even if it is with a ghost! Jesse is no stranger to the pleasures of a man's body, and his death hasn't changed that. But he's never wanted anyone the way he wants Brian. So he's refusing to leave this world until he makes love to him. And if he has to break all the laws of heaven and earth to do it, he will. Again and again and again..." (synopsis courtesy of a Harlequin Romance novel with names changed) crack, AU
Jesse/Brian (minor John/Brian, possible Jesse/John) | R | 2200 words

chemo chic & the problem of jesse lacey
Introspective, depressing little piece on Jesse. Not quite a character study.
no pairing | PG-13 | 500 words

vignettes / va: bar staff to rock star
Vinnie is an underage bartender whose life changes when he falls in with a failed rock star. / A documentation of Vinnie and Jesse's relationship in a series of vignettes.
Vinnie/Jesse | R | 2100 words

out-and-out lies and cowardice through-and-through
Jesse lies and John doesn't trust a word he says - so, when Jesse gets serious John doesn't know what to think.
Jesse/John | R | 2200 words

living in your own shadow
Jesse is a self-loathing bastard. Written in 5:35 (i.e. the time it takes to listen to "Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't" once through.)
no pairing | PG-13 | 250 words

summer '95 (two part)
Sat out on John's car in the dark Jesse's got something to say.
Jesse/John | PG | 1200 words total
forever is forever is forever
& forever starts tonight

You’re Skin And Bones, I’m A Nervous Wreck / your life as a footnote on his
It's the end of the tour which John walked out on halfway through and John's waiting for Adam at the end of the line.
John/Adam | PG/PG-13 | 1000 words

what happens on tour / closure
Jesse breaks it off with John. John mopes around their apartment and can't understand why Jesse left.
Jesse/John + Adam/John | R | 900 words

fraternity. / romanticising secrets.
John has Michelle keep secrets for him. Michelle's not sure if even she wants to know what the secrets are though. (warnings for: just plain weirdness.)
Jesse/John (Adam/?) | PG? | 500 words

just how dangerous is second best (not ashamed but i’m trying)
Adam fucks Jesse up against a wall. There are complex psychological things going on involving Jesse not seeing enough of John because John's fucking Adam and Adam feeling like shit because he'll always be second best to Jesse - but really, it's just emotionally tangled sex.
Adam/Jesse + Adam/John (implied) | NC-17 | 900 words

Playing with perspectives and drugs and general abuse. I don’t even have a summary for this.
J/Inoran + J/Ryuichi | R | 2000 words

Circus runaway, prostitute Gara
AU fic in which Gara changes jobs whenever he tires of things - or sometimes because he's forced to. Gara leaves the circus to become a pole-dancer and a prostitute.
no real pairings | R | 900 words

anyone in the room
Bad parties, lullabies, summer and ‘certainly’.
Yuu/Kenichi | PG-13 | 1000 words

Tall buildings block out the light and Yoochun writes songs that no one wants to hear. For Junsu, singing is breathing. It doesn't matter that the city is falling apart around them. (AU)
Yoochun/Junsu (+ minor Yoochun/Jaejoong) | R | 4300 words

touches, smiles and other small things (which mean nothing)
How fake the world feels sometimes. How can you know whether the way he touches you means anything at all?
Yoochun/Junsu (of a sort) + some Yunho/Yoochun (if you want) | PG-13 | 800 words

Yoochun feels numb. Junsu’s better adjusted. Maybe they can fix each other or maybe they can’t.
Yoochun/Junsu | PG-13 | 1300 words

broken—like stars.
Doppelganger!Chun after a sort. Angstity, angstity, angst.
no pairings, just Yoochun. | PG? | 400 words

On being a stranger in a strange land (and language barriers and missing home).
no pairings | PG | 500 words.

Keats isn’t sure whether the sudden feeling of being without a stomach is because he detests Byron, is incredibly embarrassed, or because he is as drawn to him as everyone else seems to be.
Keats/Byron | R | 2000 words

leave the lights on (until I come back from the dead for you)
Modern AU. Robb is dead for seven weeks before he comes back to Jon. It's the longest they've ever been apart - or ever will be - and those seven weeks are the worst of Jon's life.
Jon/Robb | R | 3500 words

a star that exploded
There are a whole lot of worlds out there and a whole lot of chances for Jon and Robb to get it right.
Jon/Robb | PG-13 | 900 words

never tell the one you want that you do
Robb has these dreams that he'll never speak of. They're about the things he wants to do to Jon — about the things he'll never do.
Jon/Robb | R | 300 words

When he discovers that Jon plans to go north to the Wall with Uncle Benjen, Robb realises that he can't let Jon leave.
Jon/Robb | R | 2000 words | at [ profile] hbo_gotfiction

The Secret Diaries of Jon Snow & Robb Stark, Aged 16 ¼
What if Robb and Jon had livejournals? In 21st century Britain? And some of the other ASOIAF gang did, too? I think this can be safely classed as crackfic. Light Jon/Robb content. Warnings for alcohol use and lots of teenage angst!
part one | part two | part three | part four
Jon/Robb | R | 11600 words | co-authored with [ profile] rachel2205 | complete

you were right about the end (it didn't make a difference)
Vampire!AU. Jon Snow is a vampire and he's always been afraid of what would happen if he ever bit another human being. When he bites Robb in a fit of passion, he flees to the Wall before he can discover the true consequences of his actions - until the truth catches up to him.
Jon/Robb | R | 4700 words

AU. Jon & Robb at Oxford. Jon decides to pay his brother a late night visit.
Jon/Robb | PG-13 | 1200 words

Crossing the Acheron
Remus considers visiting Sirius during his years in Azkaban. His imagined reuinions are nothing like the real one.
Remus/Sirius | PG-13 | 800 words

raised by wolves
A more cynical look at the Lupins—because all families are fucked up.
almost gen (Remus/Sirius) | PG-13 | 800 words

games of risk / we’re taking bets
When Sirius kisses Remus for the first time he knows how it's going to end.
Remus/Sirius | PG-13 | 400 words

The First of August
It's just a day trip but Sirius says it's the best day he's had all summer—and Remus secretly agrees with him.
Remus/Sirius | PG-13 | 1000 words

and the damp patch in the kitchen and etc.
It's a year of long silences and questions which go unanswered because they were never asked. (Set during the year of OotP but with some later events. SPOILERS UP TO AND INCLUDING DH.)
Remus/Sirius | R | 5200 words

if we could put the pieces back together.
Shards of a life which you won't be the one to collect. An alternative to life flashing before your eyes. (DH spoilers.)
Remus/Sirius (implied) | PG-13 | 1050 words

that football field out there tonight, that's our universe
Jack McGarrett takes Chin to see his son play. Chin lives every moment of the game as though he were the one playing as starting quarterback, not McGarrett's son.
Chin/Steve | PG-13 | 700 words

All Peter wants to do is make sure his younger self doesn't turn into him. His younger self is beautiful and whole and he can't bear to let him break all over again.
future!Peter/Peter | PG-13 | 1125 words

that self mettle as my sister
It starts because it's just them. It's just them and they can have everything except they can’t be apart.
Goneril/Regan(/Edmund) | commentfic | PG-13 (but twisted) | 663 words

what you were running away from
Set during Season 1 but with numerous pre-series throwbacks. It takes a long time for Sam to realise that normality isn't the same for everyone and you can't keep running forever. (Warning for incest.)
Sam/Dean | R | 1600 words

how to make meaning
Sam's at college. He's poised upon the edge of everything he's ever wanted. Until his past and his present collide, everything falls apart and Sam has to decide what kind of future he wants to make from the pieces.
Sam/Dean | PG-13 | 1644 words

the only eternity we have
The one thing they can never escape is each other.
Stefan/Damon | R | 713

comic book store AU
anonymously posted WIP at [ profile] 1stclass_kink. Charles seems perfectly content running his comic book store, The Institute, until one day when his favourite indie graphic novelist, Erik Lehnsherr, pays him a visit. Discovering that Erik's had trouble getting his first book reprinted, Charles decides to do it himself - with a little help from his friends in the industry.
Charles/Erik | PG-13 | 6000 words (and counting)

Five Times Charles Wasn’t a Part of the World (And One Time He Didn’t Even Want to Be.)
Written for a prompt at [ profile] 1stclass_kink. Five times Charles' mutation made it impossible for him to be a normal part of society and one time he didn't even want to be.
Charles (gen) | PG-13 | 1200 words

interdisciplinary studies
When Charles Xavier signed up to be a TA at the beginning of his graduate studies, he’d expected to be assigned to help his favourite professor from undergrad, Moira MacTaggart, with Biology 101. Instead he finds he’s been requested by Professor Lehnsherr, a man he’s never met and who teaches mechanical engineering - a subject Charles has never studied.
Charles/Erik | R | 8000 words

non-fandom, ambiguous, crossover or other
don’t. / abuse in terms of popular culture
Culture abuse. Abusive relationships. 180 words of italisized quotation.
guess-the-pairing | R | 500 words

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