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2014-07-16 03:15 pm
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Podfic Masterlist

Our history is just in our blood (history, like love, is never enough) by [personal profile] musesfool
Steve is sure the guy working the morning rush at Starbucks is Bucky. Unfortunately, the guy doesn't seem to know that.
Steve/Bucky | G | 30mins
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raised by wolves by [personal profile] sentential
A more cynical look at the Lupins—because all families are fucked up.
almost gen (Remus/Sirius) | PG-13 | 5:13
note: this is actually a really old recording (from 2009) with mic static which I don't think is present in any of my other recordings. sorry about that!
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and the damp patch in the kitchen and etc. by [personal profile] sentential
It's a year of long silences and questions which go unanswered because they were never asked.
Remus/Sirius | R | 32:18
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Then we will make new knights by [personal profile] linndechir
The Others are defeated, but King Stannis demands one more thing from Jon Snow before he returns South.
Stannis/Jon (platonic) | PG | 6:20
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a star that exploded by [personal profile] sentential
There are a whole lot of worlds out there and a whole lot of chances for Jon and Robb to get it right.
Jon/Robb | PG-13? | 6:32
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the only eternity we have by [personal profile] sentential
The one thing they can never escape is each other.
Stefan/Damon | R | 4:46
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boundaries by [personal profile] sentential
Everything is different, now that the war they fought together is only a memory.
Grantham/Bates | PG | 2:20
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it will have been enough by [ profile] albion
Perhaps he has never known Bill Haydon. Maybe they weren't so inseparable.
Bill Haydon/Jim Prideaux | G | 3:07
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2012-08-05 02:08 pm

BATMAN: between the motion and the act (Gordon/Batman)

title: between the motion and the act
fandom: The Dark Knight (Nolan 'verse Batman)
pairing: Jim Gordon/Batman
rating: PG-13
summary: Jim hunts Batman, because he has to, but that doesn't stop him from accepting Batman's help or feeling safer because he knows he's still around.
spoilers/notes: Jim-centric, with bucket loads of UST. Written in summer 2010 and now non-canon compliant, this fic is set post-TDK, in a 'verse where Bruce doesn't hang up the cowl but continues to be the hero Gotham needs. They hunt him. (AO3) 4706 words.

Jim Gordon falls asleep listening to the rain. )
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2012-03-19 12:03 pm

TVD: the only eternity we have (Stefan/Damon)

title: the only eternity we have
fandom: The Vampire Diaries
pairing: Stefan/Damon
rating: R
summary: The one thing they can never escape is each other.
spoilers/notes: Originally written for a pre-s3 fic meme, for the prompt 'God says nothing back but I told you so'. Major spoilers for 1x20 & a possibly some for season 2. 713 words.

They need each other. They both need but neither of them ever says the words. )
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2012-01-01 12:00 am

index post

fic index
(last updated: 29/07/11)

so, how does this thing work?
Links are arranged by fandom and then by date (newest at the top).
There’s often more information about a fic on the page where it is located.
Many links are to old livejournals of mine [ profile] ymela & [ profile] ijustwishiwere

RPS: bandom (Long Island), LUNA SEA, Merry, TVXQ, 19th C. literary figures. )

Non-RPS: Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Hawaii five-0, Heroes, King Lear, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, X-Men: First Class. )

non-fandom, ambigious, crossover or other. )
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2011-08-24 03:20 pm

GAME OF THRONES: leave the lights on (until I come back from the dead for you) (Jon/Robb)

title: leave the lights on (until I come back from the dead for you)
fandom: Game of Thrones
pairing: Jon/Robb
rating: R
summary: Modern AU. Robb is dead for seven weeks before he comes back to Jon. It's the longest they've ever been apart - or ever will be - and those seven weeks are the worst of Jon's life.
spoilers/notes: The AU setting is pretty extreme so this should be spoiler-free. For the purposes of this story, Jon is adopted - so it's not-quite incest but I'd err on the side of caution if you're uncomfortable with incestuous subject matter. Apologies for any errant commas (the Oxford comma and I are having a spat). Inspired by section 21 of You Are Jeff by Richard Siken - which I actually posted as a prompt at a new comment fic meme before I slipped and wrote it myself. 3548 words

Hold onto your voice. Hold onto your breath. Don't make a noise, don't leave the room until I come back from the dead for you. I will come back from the dead for you. )
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2011-08-17 12:53 pm

GAME OF THRONES: a star that exploded (Jon/Robb)

title: a star that exploded
fandom: Game of Thrones
pairing: Jon/Robb
rating: PG-13
summary: In some worlds they get to be together. In some worlds there's only one kiss. In some worlds no-one says a word.
spoilers/notes: Written as an antidote to never tell the one you want that you do, a ficlet I posted yesterday in which Jon and Robb - as in the show - fail to get their happy ending. In this one, they get more endings than I can count and only some of them are sad. Title from that Lawrence Krauss quote. Alternative title is "the most poetic thing I know about physics". Warning for incest. 942 words.

For every Jon Snow, there is a Robb Stark, but sometimes they are in different universes and sometimes they are just torn apart by chance and circumstance. )
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2011-08-16 04:35 pm

GAME OF THRONES: never tell the one you want that you do (Jon/Robb)

title: never tell the one you want that you do
fandom: Game of Thrones
pairing: Jon/Robb
rating: R
summary: Robb has these dreams that he'll never speak of. They're about the things he wants to do to Jon — about the things he'll never do.
spoilers/notes: Written in response to a prompt at the [ profile] stark_n_snow prompt meme. Obligatory incest warning. 316 words.

never tell the one you love that you do - never say a word )
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2011-08-16 04:11 pm

HAWAII FIVE-0: that football field out there tonight, that's our universe (Chin/Steve)

title: that football field out there tonight, that's our universe
fandom: Hawaii five-0
pairing: Chin Ho Kelly/Steve McGarrett
rating: PG-13
summary: Jack McGarrett takes Chin to see his son play. Chin lives every moment of the game as though he were the one playing as starting quarterback, not McGarrett's son.
spoilers/notes: Written for the outside your pairing zone challenge. Spoilers up to 1x03 and inspired by the revelation that Chin went to Steve's state championship game and Steve never knew about it. Second person POV. 758 words.

When the horn sounds for the start of play, it steals your breath with it. The boy in the 50 jersey has the ball. He's running with it. He shouldn't be running with it. He should pass. You can feel everything. You know what it's like to be that boy. )
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2011-07-29 12:27 pm

GAME OF THRONES: Stay (Jon/Robb)

title: Stay
fandom: Game of Thrones
pairing: Jon/Robb
rating: R
summary: When he discovers that Jon plans to go north to the Wall with Uncle Benjen, Robb realises that he can't let Jon leave.
spoilers/notes: Written for the [ profile] hbo_gotfiction ficathon 2011 & posted there. Prompt: "Jon/Robb -- When Uncle Benjen tells him he's too young to take the black, Jon doesn't believe him; things change when it's Robb who insists. -- R (or higher) Notes: AU where Jon doesn't join the Night's Watch." Spoilers up to 1x02, AU from that point. Warning for incest. 2026 words.

(give me a reason to stay and I'll— stay.)
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2011-07-23 11:46 am

X-MEN: Five Times Charles Wasn't a Part of the World (And One Time He Didn't Even Want to Be.) (gen)

title: Five Times Charles Wasn't a Part of the World (And One Time He Didn't Even Want to Be.)
fandom: X-Men: First Class
pairing: n/a, gen about Charles (with mentions of Erik & dates with girls)
rating: PG-13
summary: Five times Charles' mutation made it impossible for him to be a normal part of society and one time he didn't even try to be.
spoilers/notes: Written for a prompt at [ profile] 1stclass_kink & also posted there (link). 1170 words.

Charles Xavier is six years old and he's crying because he knows the nurse is about to tell him that his mother's liver has failed and that she'll die. He's crying because, when the nurse tells his step-father, his step-father isn't even sad. )
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2011-07-19 06:34 pm

X-MEN: interdisciplinary studies (charles/erik)

title: interdisciplinary studies
fandom: X-Men: First Class
pairing: Charles/Erik
rating: R
summary: When Charles Xavier signed up to be a TA at the beginning of his graduate studies, he’d expected to be assigned to help his favourite professor from undergrad, Moira MacTaggart, with Biology 101. Instead he finds he’s been requested by Professor Lehnsherr, a man he’s never met and who teaches mechanical engineering - a subject Charles has never studied.
spoilers/notes: Romance-y AU where Charles & Erik still have their powers but are living very different lives from those in canon. Written in response to the prompt "Charles/Erik - University AU: Where Charles is the TA to a cranky but brilliant and very, very handsome Professor Lehnsherr" at [ profile] 1stclass_kink. 8112 words.

I never thought that you would be the one to hold my heart / but you came around and you knocked me off the ground from the start )
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2011-07-11 07:04 pm

GAME OF THRONES: you were right about the end (Jon/Robb)

title: you were right about the end (it didn't make a difference)
fandom: Game of Thrones
pairing: Jon/Robb
rating: R
summary: Vampire!AU. Jon Snow is a vampire and he's always been afraid of what would happen if he ever bit another human being. When he bites Robb in a fit of passion, he flees to the Wall before he can discover the true consequences of his actions - until the truth catches up to him.
spoilers/notes: In spite of my ever-so Mills & Boon summary, this fic is actually bizarrely serious (and angst-ridden). It was written in response to a prompt, from [ profile] jacklemmon at the [ profile] stark_n_snow prompt meme (member's locked). Also, for the purposes of this fic, Benjen Stark is either a) already missing or b) nonexistent in this timeline. Other than that, the fic follows canon continuity and setting except for the whole, um, vampire thing. 4694 words.

Jon never stopped being afraid, though. He had dreams, sometimes, that he'd bitten Robb. Sometimes, in the dreams, he didn't even feel bad about it. But, when he woke up, if Robb was there beside him, he'd search Robb’s skin for bite marks, heart pounding, before he could even attempt to go back to sleep. )
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2011-07-07 01:20 pm

GAME OF THRONES: untitled (jon/robb)

title: untitled
fandom: Game of Thrones
pairing: Jon/Robb
rating: PG-13
summary: AU. Jon & Robb at Oxford. Jon decides to pay his brother a late night visit.
spoilers/notes: Written in response to [ profile] teamchanada’s prompt Modern college!AU (because every fandom should have one!) at [ profile] stark_n_snow’s prompt meme. Probably strayed a little far from the prompt when I went for Oxford colleges, not US-style ones though. Also, took definite liberties with Trinity College & probably a few other setting elements because I’ve actually only spent a limited amount of time in Oxford. 1224 words.

you borrowed the car and you think you're the driver / but now you're a passenger to your own heart )
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2010-08-23 05:06 pm

Harry Potter: Crossing the Acheron (Remus/Sirius)

title: Crossing the Acheron
fandom: Harry Potter
pairing: Remus/Sirius
rating: PG-13
summary: Remus considers visiting Sirius during his years in Azkaban. His imagined reuinions are nothing like the real one.
spoilers/notes: Spoilers through PoA. The Acheron is one of the five rivers said to surround the underworld in Greek mythology. Written in February 2010. 793 words.

Remus thinks about going to see Sirius. He thinks about it a million times. He considers looking into those eyes: imagines them glazed, hard and hateful, — like the look they used get when someone brought up his family — sees them fierce with madness. )
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2008-10-25 04:38 pm

SUPERNATURAL: how to make meaning (sam/dean)

title: how to make meaning
fandom: Supernatural
pairing: Sam/Dean
rating: PG-13
summary: Sam's at college. He's poised upon the edge of everything he's ever wanted. Until his past and his present collide, everything falls apart and Sam has to decide what kind of future he wants to make from the pieces.
spoilers/notes: Spoilers through Season 1. (Just to be safe.) Warnings for incest and slight shifts in narrative style. 1644 words.

This is how you make meaning, you take two things and try to define the space between them. )
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2008-10-24 07:14 pm

HEROES: fixes. (future!peter/peter)

title: fixes
fandom: Heroes
pairing: future!Peter/Peter
rating: PG-13
summary: All Peter wants to do is make sure his younger self doesn't turn into him. His younger self is beautiful and whole and he can't bear to let him break all over again.
spoilers/notes: Set in 3x01 and spoilers for that episode and possibly 3x02. The things we don't see after Peter runs into that bathroom. 1125 words

Give back your heart / to itself, to the stranger who has loved you / all your life )